The Arcifit Challenge



Arcifit is a Arciplex corporate-sponsored initiative to enhance the overall physical fitness of any Arciplex employee. Arcifit is a voluntary program that supports physical fitness goals and initiatives.

The intent of Arcifit is to create a “culture of health” that fosters a long-term commitment to healthy lifestyles and the reduction of health risks among our employees and their families.


The Arcifit program is comprised of three main categories.


Being a part of Arcifit is like being on a team. The support of fellow co-workes will encourage and motivate you to reach your wellness goals.


Once a quarter trainers, nutritionists or wellness experts will be made available to talk to the group sharing healthy lifestyle insights.


We encourage all Arcifit teammates to form walking groups or exercise support teams. Being active is the goal.

To learn more about the Arcifit Challenge click here Arcifit_Book


Big Idea


Got a big idea!


Arciplex as a company is all about big ideas.  We believe in taking your ideas and creating incredible products for you.  If you’ve got a big idea that you want turned into a reality then let us know.


This Will Change How You Do Business


Steve Blank is one of my favorite entrepreneurship authors.  My favorite would be Jeff Cornwall of the Entrepreneurial Mind.  Lately I was reading one of Blank’s articles on customer development.  I came across what he calls the Customer Development Manifesto.  This short document outlines the CORE essentials that a startup needs to understand about their customers.

  1. There Are No Facts Inside Your Building, So Get Outside
  2. Pair Customer Development with Agile Development
  3. Failure is an Integral Part of the Search for the Business Model
  4. If You’re Afraid to Fail You’re Destined to Do So
  5. Iterations and Pivots are Driven by Insight
  6. Validate Your Hypotheses with Experiments
  7. Success Begins with Buy-In from Investors and Co-Founders
  8. No Business Plan Survives First Contact with Customers
  9. Not All Startups Are Alike
  10. Startup Metrics are Different from Existing Companies
  11. Agree on Market Type – It Changes Everything
  12. Fast, Fearless Decision-Making, Cycle Time, Speed and Tempo
  13. If it’s not About Passion, You’re Dead the Day You Opened your Doors
  14. Startup Titles and Functions Are Very Different from a Company’s
  15. Preserve Cash While Searching. After It’s Found, Spend
  16. Communicate and Share Learning
  17. Startups Demand Comfort with Chaos and Uncertainty

See the full version here.  Nail the Customer Development Manifesto to the Wall.


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Incredible Christmas Light Displays


I have always loved Christmas lights so this year I decided to put together some of my favorite and share them.  My favorite place to see Christmas lights in Nashville would have to be the Sunny Side Neighborhood.  The houses really go all out.  You can check them out here.

Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions?  I would love to hear about them.

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What was the most valuable lesson learned while doing business and college?


Last week I was speaking with a group of Belmont University students and the
question came up “What was the most valuable lesson learned while doing
business and college?”
My suggestion was do your best to attempt and find a Work/Life balance.
This was a very difficult task for me because a majority of my free time was
not hanging out around campus or with my friends, but rather at my office or
traveling. I was always conscious of the fact that I didn’t want to wake up one day
and my college experience to be over and I didn’t really get to experience any of
it. At times that meant missing needed sleep and at other times it meant closing
my bedroom door and digging into a few files on a Saturday night. In the end I
am pleased with the college experience I was able to have and still being able to
dedicate every spare minute I had to building a business.